A compound is formed when two or more elements are chemically reacted together. They are an important part of everyday life and are needed to sustain plants, animals and humans.

Many compounds occur naturally such as salt (sodium and chlorine) and carbon dioxide (carbon and oxygen). Here you can discover some of the compounds developed by Syngenta as pesticides.

A pesticide is any product that is intended to kill, repel or otherwise control any organism that is designated a 'pest', including weeds, insects, snails, rodents, fungi and bacteria. Pesticides, also known as 'crop protection products', keep crops safe from attack by:

  • insects – using insecticides
  • weeds – using herbicides
  • diseases – using fungicides

Syngenta's scientists use world-class technology to bring plant potential to life. Protecting the environment and the safety of the food we eat are extremely important to us. Find out how we ensure that modern crop protection products are safe.

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